Coming Out of Stealth

Out of the shadows, into the light. After more than two years, we are out of stealth as of today. The “team” behind vxIntel is a husband-and-wife duo pretty much running the whole show. We are both introverts not much into public writing, but as this is a landmark event for us, we thought we should write something to say vxIntel is officially live.

You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.
Maxwell Fraser

While we initiated this project back in 2017, we only started to run vxIntel as a fully-fledged business as of 2020. For years preceding this pivotal moment, I consistently kept hearing that an in-house version of this project would be impossible to build. It would take too long, cost a lot of money, and need a lot of resources. We set out to disprove all of those points one by one, and after more than two years of development, trial-and-error & fine-tuning, we’d like to think we came out on top.

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We have outlined in our previous blog post The Founder Myth why we started vxIntel, but I see that we have not touched on not why we chose this particular business model. It may need a little clarification; after all, we have operated under the same model for 10+ years. Partly it is due to customer demand, but also because we have come to understand that every company has its own specific tools and workflow. We could never provide this service at a fair price point by developing a platform that includes everything but the kitchen sink, and expect you to adapt your workflow to our product.

Hence, from day one, our mission and vision has been to:

  • Give security researchers the room to concentrate on developing solutions instead of spending valuable time tracking down malware samples.
  • Provide a mainstream security industry with a reputable research & development resource.
  • Cater for security providers that fall outside of the core circle of antivirus vendors
  • Provide quality data for a fair price, to stimulate technology & innovation.

With the above points as our driving force, we decided early on to provide just raw data as our main deliverable, to give customers complete freedom in the way they want to process it, with the tools they have in their workflow.

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I seriously detest self-aggrandizement, but people have told us we should be proud of what we have achieved so far. Part of me tends to agree. Looking past the countless hours and sleepless nights, we managed all of this without any outside investment and currently running a fully bootstrapped company.

So how does the near-term future look from here? The system is working away, and customers are happy, but we are not sitting idle. We are already looking forward to bigger, better things to come in 2022. Stay tuned!