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We collect more than one terabyte of malicious data each and every day, turning it into meaningful insights and actionable intelligence feeds.

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What You Get with vxIntel

vxIntel Malware Intelligence Platform is much more than just a malware feed. It is an enterprise-quality malware research platform that combines the newest data available, with historical data for context, and all the essential functionality researchers need to fast-track their analysis.

  • More than 500K unique files per day gathered from 100+ public and proprietary sources
  • +10TB of new binaries, URL and domain info, metadata and behavioral markers per month
  • Data that is 40 to 60% unique vs. competitors
  • Behavioral analysis (sandboxing) tools & YARA search capabilities
  • Unique access to a vast pool of historical malware data going back +10 years not available from any other source
  • No API quotas giving you unlimited access to data for you to use vxIntel the way you want

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Data Sheet

Malware Tactics

A Technical Overview by
Anthony Aykut, CTO vxIntel

Sample Feeds

Sample Feeds

Multiple malware data sets and threat intelligence feeds.

  • Approx. 300K unique malware samples/day
  • Win/PE, Non-PE, OSX, Mobile and Clean feeds
  • Bad URLs and Domains + related samples
  • Detection feed with daily AV detections

Analyst Dashboard

A fast and intuitive tool set for malware analysts.

  • Fast web UI without bloated tools or gimmicks
  • Upload samples for analysis & multi-scanning
  • Search, submit and download samples
  • Live YARA searching & retro-hunting
Sample Feeds
Sample Feeds

Rest API

Granular, programmatic access to our complete data set.

  • Fast, robust API with high usage quotas
  • Automate your daily workflow and operations
  • Fully documented, with examples
  • Various scripts & wrappers provided

Behavioral Analysis

Fully integrated, state-of-the-art sandboxing system.

  • Based on the amazing CAPE Sandbox
  • High capacity infrastructure with multiple OS VMs
  • Enriched with custom rules & detection signatures
  • Adds a second layer to your malware triage process
Sample Feeds

Why Choose vxIntel?

vxIntel was designed from the ground up by malware experts for the specific needs of security companies and malware reversers. It contains the newest, most current malware samples available and the tools you need to unlock the insights in that data – all at a price point that will make sense to your organization. Our data feeds are already used globally to develop, enrich and fine-tune a wide range of cybersecurity products, ranging from world-class EDR solutions and threat intelligence platforms to hardcore security appliances.


All the data and tools you need without any unnecessary bells and whistles.


Quarter of the cost of comparable solutions (or less) – a whopping 75% in cost savings.

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